Staging FAQ’s

My house is modest and isn’t worth having a professional stager…

The experts at GreatStages work with all budgets. Even spending a few hundred dollars for professional staging services gives you a huge advantage over your competition.  Commonly you get a far greater return and your home sells much faster if you stage according to statistics.

The market is tough right now and I’m afraid of putting more money into my house…

In a competitive market, staging is even more necessary to ensure a quicker sale. Housing inventory is running at record highs so your home needs to stand out from the competition. Professionally staged homes sell on average for 6% more and are on the market for less time. Your first reduction in price will always be far more than the cost of staging.

Can’t I just stage on my own?

Very few home sellers are able to successfully stage their own homes. Why? Because over time, you get used to seeing your home as it is and the flaws become less obvious. You need another set of eyes, a fresh professional perspective, to help you objectively view your home through a “buyer’s eyes”.

Why can’t buyers just use their imagination?

Professional staging is critical since 90% of buyers cannot see the hidden potential in your home. A vacant home is even harder for a buyer to deal with. Rooms look cold and small when they are vacant so staging with furniture and accessories help them to have a reference point.

Our Mission
At GreatStages our goal is to work with Realtors, builders and homeowners by dramatically transforming a home so that you can achieve quicker and more profitable sales. In today’s competitive market, professional home staging is the essential element needed to capture the attention of prospective buyers. We will assist you in affordably highlighting the positive features of your home, while neutralizing the negatives.
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